Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA quickly became my go-to spot last season for family photo session.  After September, the beach is relatively free of people, which makes for beautiful, clear backdrops. Everything here is so photogenic! Long boardwalks, white sand, perfect beach, tall grass and wooded trails provide so many places to photograph.

I was so happy to work with this sweet family of six at Crane Beach. The kids were so respectful, but most importantly, ready to have a good time. They didn’t let the cold wind bother them, and were complete goofballs the entire session. I also learned what “dabbing” was. (9th picture down the page) These guys kept me giggling the entire hour, and I couldn’t be more grateful to this family for trusting me with their family photos. We nailed everything on my shot list – individual portraits of the kids, photos of the family enjoying each other, and a photo of mom and dad. (Every time I do this picture, the parents always say they haven’t had a photo together since their WEDDING! Can you believe that?? Parents deserve love and pictures too!) Can’t wait for the next photo session with these guys!

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Yvonne Patterson

I’m wondering where on Cranes you took the photos in the grassy area with the path?! Thanks! They are stunning.


Hi! There’s a path to the right of far-right boardwalk that’s accessible once you get onto the beach. It’s beautiful there!

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