Boston Public Garden proposal


It’s my turn to share a love story – me and Josh’s Boston Public Garden proposal! Josh proposed on March 6, 2020, and although I found the receipt for the ring a couple months earlier, it was the most magical and surprising evening.

I was suspicious something would happen that weekend when he asked nonchalantly about plans for that Friday/Saturday night with no follow up questions. On Friday morning, he suggested we go out for dinner that night and he would make reservations. He was so cute frantically changing outfits as we got ready for “dinner” and asking if he looked ok. Apparently he and my sister had discussed his outfit choice at length before Friday, but he was still nervous.

We live in Beacon Hill, so we started walking to dinner through the Public Garden towards Back Bay. He steered us towards the Public Garden bridge. As we approached the bridge, a trumpet player began to play “La Vie en Rose,” and we started to dance. At this point, I was a blubbering mess. I spotted my friend Lindsay Connors, who is responsible for these amazing photos, pop out from behind a tree. I sobbed, “IS THAT LINDSAY. IS. THAT. LINDSAY.”

We finished dancing to the song, Josh got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I blurted out a yes, and Josh turned me around to find our families and friends gathered on the bridge above us. I burst into tears again at the sight of my family, who flew in from Mississippi and Alabama. “IS THAT MY MOM. IS THAT. MY. MOM.” I was practically wailing.

It was the most magical moment getting to hug everyone and celebrate our engagement. We celebrated all night at 21st Amendment pub as several more friends joined us in person and on Facetime. Since announcing this (and our pregnancy) on social media, we have been overwhelmed with love and support. During such a difficult time, I’ve been savoring every moment that we get to be engaged and expecting our son. The most magical moment of the night came when Josh and I sat together after we got home and Josh felt our boy kick for the first time. Of course I burst into tears again.

A million thank-yous to Lindsay Connors Photography for these photos. We love you.

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