Love on Top

I can’t say enough about Gina and Cory – these two have been together for a long time and are finally tying the knot at a ceremony at the Oceanview in Nahant in May. Josh and I are so excited to photograph the wedding, especially considering Gina found me on Instagram! (note: all of that posting really does work!) They invited me up to Crane Estate for a spectacular engagement session. Crane Estate is an old mansion in Ipswich that features sprawling gardens and rolling hills that lead out to the ocean. We danced around the grounds, I made Gina run in heels (oops!) and we watched the sun set across the beautiful salt marshes. Gina displayed her love of Beyonce loud and proud, so I’m anticipating some epic dancing and “Love on Top” blaring at the reception.

Thank you two again for such a wonderful evening, See you May 6 at the Oceanview in Nahant!!

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